Azienda Agricola Daniele Perrone

Via Umberto I, 347 – 89012 Delianuova (RC)


ss.112 km. 27 – 89050 Cosoleto (RC)


+39 0966.966226


+39 0966.966226


Amid the green woods of the Aspromonte National Park, Domenico created the Perrone farm in 1968.


Domenico’s family leaves its mark on the territory; his is a story linked to the woods, to nature, to the most authentic traditions of Delianuova, Calabria and the South.

In 1976 the helm of the company passed to his son Pino who, with foresight, gave value to a heritage of quality and in 2004 Daniele inherited the passion of his ancestors and gave a new, modern and original impulse to the company. Since then and with the same passion as always, following the rhythms of nature and the seasons, precious oils, flours, biscuits and other products based on extra virgin olive oil are produced.

Today the Azienda Agricola Perrone is a company that respects the territory, that carries out all the cultivations according to certified biological processes and that operates in respect of the environment with a project of production of clean hydroelectric energy.

Our products

Oil and flour, a single territory, the Aspromonte