Azienda Agricola Daniele Perrone

Via Umberto I, 347 – 89012 Delianuova (RC)


ss.112 km. 27 – 89050 Cosoleto (RC)


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+39 0966.966226



Our territory

A mountain that contains innumerable culinary excellences and historical peculiarities in a treasure chest


The Perrone family is inextricably linked to its territory, a magical place rich in history and nature: The Aspromonte. A mountain that contains landscape treasures, and not only, of inestimable value, historical peculiarities and culinary excellence.


The Aspromonte, the most southern orographic offshoot of peninsular Italy, summarizes in itself the essential features of the Mediterranean lands: a marked mountainous character and a remarkable forest heritage that make it a unique place.


Among its slopes the olive trees grow strong, aided by a unique climate, mild in summer and cold in winter, which forms a natural barrier against pests, while giving its fruits unique organoleptic properties.


The Aspromonte is also a territory where the stories of numerous peoples live and whose cultural heritage still remains alive in the traditions.


On its slopes, on the Ionian side, live the ancient Greek communities while overlooking the Tyrrhenian side, one of the first inhabited areas to see is Delianuova, created from the union of the Paracorio villages, whose tradition wants to have it descend from the ancient Delia, a town on the southern Ionian coast , and Pedavoli, of Tyrrhenian origin, founded by the inhabitants of Tauriana, repeatedly besieged by Saracen raids in the early Middle Ages.


From this small town, on the outskirts of the Aspromonte National Park, surrounded by extensive olive groves and spectacular larch pine forests, the history of the Perrone family was born.