Azienda Agricola Daniele Perrone

Via Umberto I, 347 – 89012 Delianuova (RC)


ss.112 km. 27 – 89050 Cosoleto (RC)


+39 0966.966226


+39 0966.966226



Our wheat fields

From our fields to 1000 meters of altitude


On a flat extension in the center of Aspromonte, we take a contemporary look at the Calabrian stories of wheat sowing and the old traditions linked to the maternal family.


From the “Majorca” wheat we obtain a high quality Italian organic wholemeal flour, with precious nutritional benefits and a unique flavor.


Genuineness and tradition are the soul of our production of organic wholemeal flour, derived from the grinding of wheat grown on the Aspromonte plains. A family history that comes to life in the sowing of native grains and respect of the dictates of sustainable agriculture.


Short chain production and enhancement of the territory for a high nutritional quality flour suitable for all types of processing: from bread to pizza, from desserts to fresh pasta.