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The properties of our products

Organoleptic properties


Extra virgin olive oil, the main element of Italian tables, is the essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. The numerous organoleptic properties make it a unique and indispensable food for our body and for the immune system. Even with the variables of origin, olive cultivar, type and production methods, olive oil has specific and very strong properties.

The pH of extra virgin olive oil, expressed in free fatty acids of oleic acid, represents, together with some organoleptic and gustatory properties, one of the fundamental parameters in the qualitative evaluation of the product.




The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is an excellent source of those precious elements useful for the well-being of our body. Among the multiple properties of extra virgin olive oil is that of protecting our arteries. This happens through the regulation of cholesterol levels circulating in the blood. The levels of bad cholesterol are lowered with extra virgin olive oil. Not only that, the good one, known as HDL, is not altered in any way. So the olive juice represents, besides being a tasty dressing, an excellent form of prevention of cardiovascular risk.

Extra virgin olive oil is also a mine of antioxidants including vitamin E, tocopherol and various phenolic compounds. All molecules able to defend our body from premature ageing by fighting against free radicals.  The biophenols contained in the “Foglio 4” monocultivar organic oil, the flagship product of the Azienda Perrone which, analyzed in the laboratory reveals a rich phenolic mass, almost double compared to other extra virgin oils. Furthermore, the daily intake of extra virgin olive oil is useful to reduce the risk of breast cancer thanks to its great anti-inflammatory and nutrigenomic properties.



Extra virgin olive oil is a true elixir of wellness. Studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil does not lead to weight gain, on the contrary it can even lead to weight loss. Furthermore, fats give a sense of immediate satiety and thus increase the distance between one meal and another.

High quality olive oil, such as Perrone’s, helps digestion by lubricating the digestive tract and, as a fat, allows the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins present during meals.

Exceptional for the skin of the face and body thanks to its high levels of polyphenols, vitamin E and phytosterols, which work both as antioxidants and as anti-inflammatory agents, oil is a natural cosmetic that helps protect against sun-damaged skin and increases skin water retention capacity. The soaps with a base of extra virgin olive produced by the Azienda Perrone, with their soothing properties, can help  irritated skin reducing the inflammation of eczema.

Recently, in fact, extra virgin olive oil has been re-discovered as a soothing ointment for the protection of the skin, thanks to its content in squalene, widely used by modern cosmetics.


The quality of the oil also is linked to its taste and the precious Perrone oils give a unique flavor to the dishes and the palate.

The peculiarities of the Aspromontano territory, immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the quality of the indigenous Sinopolese and Ottobratic cultivars, give the product an unmistakable taste and aroma.

With a very low degree of acidity, the selections are very pleasing to the palate with notes of grass and almonds, a good fruitiness as in the case of the monocultivar Ottobratica Foglio 4, or hints of dried fruit in the case of the extra virgin organic Elisabetta.

The slightly fruity extra virgin classic with a slight almond flavor and hints of tomato, and the Casaloru virgin with a sweet and delicate taste.

Choosing Perrone products means preferring the excellence of products selected and processed according to  traditional methods and giving yourself an incomparable taste experience.



How often do you happen to be carried away by a perfume or aroma and find yourself immersed in memories in search of a lost time? The precious oils of the Perrone family tell of past times linked to ancient peoples and popular traditions handed down from father to son. The typical notes of the Mediterranean are enclosed in the heart of the fruits of the native olive groves of Aspromonte and recall the aromas of fruit and herbs typical of these places.



Calabria is a land rich in history and ancient traditions. The vicissitudes of the peoples who inhabited this land over the centuries and the other regions of Southern Italy are inextricably linked to the history of agriculture and of the crops that have enriched the territory with unique products: the Arabs brought citrus and medicinal plants from the the East, the Romans brought the vineyards from which famous qualities of wine are still produced, but the Greeks  without a shadow of doubt gave this priceless treasure that is olive oil to this land. The olive groves that stretch as far as the eye can see at the foot of the Aspromonte are centuries-old trees and tell the stories of the people who for centuries inhabited this territory.

The wheat fields of the ancient “Maiorca” variety, on the Aspromonte plains, recall family histories of the past and the recovery of the autochthonous grain chain.

In the Perrone Agricultural Company the historical and family traditions, accompany the processes of transforming raw materials, from olives to wheat, taking up the old rituals of harvesting and threshing.