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+39 0966.966226



Valuable oils


Extra virgin olive oil

Slightly veiled by natural decantation, of a yellow color with green reflections and a net aroma of olive, slightly fruity with a hint of almond taste, our extra virgin olive oil is ideal as a raw seasoning on vegetables, soups, pulses, and meats. roasted fish and enhances the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.



Virgin Casaloru oil

Its name recalls the genuine sweet-tasting oil once used in traditional Calabrian families.


From the sweeter and less decisive flavor of extra virgin olive oil, our virgin oil is indicated for use in the kitchen, especially for frying, sauces and condiments.



A limited amount of olives harvested in the high hills, the particular climatic conditions and the exclusive production process, allow us to obtain an extra virgin organic oil with high beneficial qualities and antioxidants, which contains in its name the traditions and the experience of our family.


Monocultivar Bio

Foglio Quattro

This is an extra virgin organic olive oil, Ottobratica monocultivar, obtained exclusively from hand-picked olives from a small plot of Aspromonte that falls under Sheet 4 of the cadastral map of Delianuova.


The particular climatic conditions and the ground on which the trees grow and the optimal maturation of this variety of olives, which takes place in October, determine the high presence of vitamins E and polyphenols.

Flavored oils

In elegant glass vials, these exclusive oils are the result of a careful search for typical flavors and a way to revive the taste that belongs to us and that should not be lost over time.

Obtained from the maceration in extra virgin olive oil of carefully selected and certified aromatic herbs, they are particularly suitable for dressing salads, flavoring meat and fish or simply to taste on warm bread.


  • Salmoriglio: oregano, parsley and garlic
  • Chili pepper
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot

For catering

We work together with catering operators and we valorize the dishes of cooks and chefs for every type of cuisine, from the simplest and most traditional to the most refined and international.

Among our products there are the best oils for raw seasoning and the best answers for every culinary need.